Q: What are the differences in the different mattress types?

There are several different types of mattresses. We carry inner spring, foam, memory foam, and hybrids from several different manufacturers at many different price points. No matter what your budget or personal preference, we'll have something for you that fits what you want.

An inner spring mattress has a main body that is made up of metal springs called coils. These coils are usually bound together with wires, although pocketed coils are individually wrapped with fabric which holds them all together. On top of the coils is your comfort layer, which is made up of various foams, fabrics, and quilting.

A foam mattress is made up of a single piece of foam, or several different layers of foam that are laminated together. There are several types of foam, including gel foarm, memory foam, latex foam, and polyeurethane foam. Each of these has a different feel to it, and different advantages. For example, memory foam will contour around your body and relieve pressure points, while latex foam is all natural.

A hybrid mattress is a mattress that combines one or more mattress types into one bed. For example, some memory foam mattress also contain an inner core of pocketed coils, while some innerspring mattress might have a gel memory foam pillow top on top of the coils.

Q: What type of mattress is best for me?
Everyone has a different body type and different sleeping habits.
Q: Do I need a mattress protector?
Over the course of 10 years, a mattress can pick up to 50% of it's own weight in dead skin, dust mites, hair and other nastiness. Adding a mattress protector or encasement not only protects your valuable mattress from this, it also adds warranty protection to your purchase. When you put a protector on your mattress, the mattress becomes warrantied by the protector company as well as the mattress company. In addition, the mattress will be protected by possible warranty-voiding mishaps such as stains.

We sell two types of mattress protectors: Fitted protectors and full encasements. Fitted protectors use elastic to keep them snuggly wrapped around you bed on the top and sides, while full encasements use a zipper on the bottom and encase the mattress on all 6 sides. If there are any worries about bedbugs, a full encasement is the way to go.

All our protectors are fully waterproof and dust mite proof, and unlike the crinkly, plastic protectors you might be used to, ours feature a nice, soft terrycloth material to keep things nice and comfortable.